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Happier Thoughts

Today at work I was a little happier so I had happy thoughts to pass the time. I remembered how you were surprised and tickled to see you were still in the Kareoke Kraze song book. Then I remembered a long time ago you had me read about you on their website and that description for Angel was different. It included something about singing 80s music and Madonna. So I have two questions:

  1. Why haven't I ever heard you sing Madonna? At least never at a bar and the one time I heard you sing it at home I had to ask you to.
  2. Since the descriptions for Angel are different do you think maybe they have actually removed you but still have Curtis' desciption still mentioning you?

I'm also still VERRRY happy about our couple of nights of wild, unbridled, passionate sex. Being called the best ever will do that to a man. And to answer your question about me being bigger or something, it just might be. I'm usuall tiny when limp and today I noticed I wasn't. Maybe you gave me Grinch Dick. That would be the medical term for you making my dick grow three sizes that day. :P

I love you!
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